You'll Find Us At The Intersection Of Pi And Avogadro's Number

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I was told to get off at State Road 6.4167, but I saw this sign. Was this what they meant?

It was my understanding there would be no math.

But seriously, folks...

They're called 'fractional routes,' and they're explained here:

H.B. Elkins, webmaster of West Virginia Roads [link], writes: "These (Fractional Routes) are county routes, although they are maintained by the state. West Virginia signs its state routes in a square or rectangular marker. The county routes either have whole numbers or "fractional" numbers. The whole numbers are the main county routes. The "fractional" routes serve as minor branch routes off the major routes, either the state or U.S. routes or whole county routes. The numerator is the main route the highway branches from; the denominator tells what branch. For instance, you may be driving along U.S. 119 and you'll see a succession of markers for 119/1, 119/2, 119/3, etc. If you were driving along County Route 1, you might see signs for routes 1/4, 1/7, etc.

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