You May Fire When You Are Rea- Uh, Never Mind

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I was ready to open up with all batteries on this Tiny Mix Tapes request:

The four girls who were my best friends for the past eight years, aka half of my life announced a few months ago that they hate the way I am. Basically I learned that for the past 3 years they've thought that I’m a horrible, rude, angry, defensive asshole who acts like the world is against her, have always put down others' opinions, that it's always "I’m right you're wrong fuck you", and that I practically strangle anyone who makes a joke. They said that I don't respect others' opinions. That really scared me. If that's the aura I’d been putting out, which I really hope it wasn't, I was very worried. If they'd been noticing it for three whole years, and been talking about me, the horrible rude insensitive bitch cunt, between themselves for that entire time, shouldn't I be wondering why they waited so long to tell me?
Until I got to this part, which kind of hit a nerve because a sister of one of my son's friends committed suicide last week:
I began seriously considering suicide, so that I wouldn't have to subject any more nice, pleasant people to my horrendous self.

But they think I’m doing it on purpose for attention, and that it's my own bad attitude that's making me feel this way.

So I've been wanting to make a fresh start, since my best boy friend who for some reason actually likes me talked me out of a bottle of aspirin. And my heart needs to heal.

So instead of a mocking 'Oh, woe is me!' rant like I was all wound up to do, I'll just say this:

Your 'friends' are toxic. Find new ones. Fast.

I've cracked on before (here and here), but occasionally I see some really good requests:

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