Why Do You Think They Call It 'Dope?'

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Because it makes you do stupid shit like this:

A teenager was robbed at gunpoint in his home in the 3900 block of Fredericksburg Road — and then arrested when officers arrived and found drugs throughout the house, police said.

The teen was released Monday morning on bonds totaling $7,000.

A girlfriend found Stephen Knight, 17, on his bedroom floor at about 9:40 p.m. Sunday, bound with a belt and a strand of Christmas lights, police said.

Knight told investigators he was home alone when three young men forced themselves in by pointing a gun at his head, according to a police report.

The men stole about $30 worth of marijuana, a 42-inch plasma television, and Knight's cell phone and wallet, the report states.

Knight told police the men then hog-tied him with the string of lights.

It turned out that the thieves, whom police still are looking for, snagged only a portion of the pot in the home, according to the report.

Officers found a glass jar with 82 grams, or about 3 ounces, of marijuana inside a safe Knight opened for them, a marijuana plant growing under a heat lamp and one ecstasy pill, police documented.

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Yes, that was stupid. Stevie deserved what he got for opening the safe. His chick was prolly pissed at him to because he lost the xstacy pill.

However, if the turds who hogtied the poor boy were apprehended, they would have been held on bonds closer to $100K than $5K for the crimes they committed. But look what they did to this guy for sitting on what amounts to a personal stash.

With a bird in the hand (although a stupid bird) how much money do you think the cops are spending looking for the bird in the bush?

The message from this story is: if you know someone who smokes a little weed, it's okay to rob their home at gunpoint... and leave the victim hogtied to boot.

My motto is "Never call the cops unless you really, really need them"

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