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'Dja ever wonder where our rural bretheren learned (sorry, 'learnt') their meth-cooking skills? Well, if they're anywhere near Elma, Washington, they could just go to high school and take Recreational Pharmacology 101:

ELMA - A local woman went 'through the roof' when a deputy took his anti-drug message to high school.

She says he showed students how to make methamphetamines, and she has the video to prove it.

Grays Harbor County sheriff's deputy shows class, "And the reaction will start occurring down there and start bubbling up."

It is part chemistry class and part drug enforcement as a member of the Grays Harbor drug task force talks to Elma High School students about making Methamphetamine.

Deputy shows class: "Then you'll have a little bit down at the bottom, the white stuff, and that's your meth."
And this is not a new thing, either:
We [KOMO-TV] showed the same video to Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott. He says it's the same demonstration the drug task force has been putting on for several years, but they'll review it.
The Sheriff's department is playing the MacGyver card (being vague on details or leaving a step out, so they don't show millions of viewers exactly how to, say, build a thermonuclear device out of three paperclips and a box of Cream-O-Wheat):
The sheriff's office says they don't give specifics about the recipe . . .
but that has its own problems:
. . . and they emphasize how explosive the process is.
Given that we haven't seen a series of meth lab explosions in Grays Harbor County, it doesn't look like they've created an annual pool of Darwin Award contestants, but still. It's only a matter of time before somebody accidentally figures out how to build a meth bomb.

H/T chain: PunditGuy via Malkin via hubs and spokes via Garfield Ridge.

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