Which Gives The Concept Of Anakin As 'Loose Cannon' A Whole New Meaning


Lots of other people have done reviews of RotS that I can't hope to match (in particular, Dave), so I'll settle for the 'seeing stupid little things nobody else sees' thing that I seem to be known for.

Congress? Who said anything about Congress? I thought there was just a Senate; you mean there's a House too?

A strange and maddening juxtaposition of energy weapons and Stone Age-tactics.

Capital ships engaging at a range of what looked like a few hundred yards was tactically idiotic but gave a real 'wooden ships and iron men' feel that I think was Lucas' intent - especially when he showed two ships exchanging broadsides in a fashion strongly reminiscent of 18th century sea combat.

The shock and 'Ah!' of recognition when Bail Organa's ship is first shown.

How does a woman go from 'five months pregnant' to 'full term' in (at most) a couple of weeks? And does the Republic not have ultrasound machines? She's carrying twins and doesn't know it? And Anakin doesn't know it? Apparently you're not part of the Force until you're born...

And speaking of which, nobody dies in childbirth anymore, and don't give me that 'lost her will to live' crap.


Thanks for the link!

A few comments:
-- Congress: Yeah, I noticed that immediately, too. My guess is it's supposed to be synonomous with Senate, but what the hell do I know.
-- RE: the battle, what gave it away? The rolling droid gun carriages firing actual shells? ;-).
-- I thought I mentioned the lack of ultrasounds somewhere; I guess not. Stupid, but whatever.

As for Padme dying, I'm mad at Lucas for diluting the obvious: Anakin's force choke did her in. If he had the stupid droid say anything at all, it should have been a comment to reinforce that Anakin hurt her too badly, or something.


Actually, it was a couple of seconds before that, where it had an out-the-gun-port POV that showed the other ship passing by...

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