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Astute readers will recognize Thursday's post as a thinly disguised bleg for links; after all, when I first signed on to the Ecosystem as an Insignificant Microbe, I would have loved for a Adorable Little Rodent to link to me out of the blue.

Actually, I'm exercising a little literary license here; when I signed up for the Ecosystem, I was pleasantly surprised to find two Ecosystem sites already linking to me (spankysplace and One Little Victory (now part of Liberty and Pie)).

Without further ado, I introduce the Dangerous Logic Class of May 2005:

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A to Z Linkfest #4 from Pajama Pundits on May 4, 2005 10:43 AM

A Peck of Gold explains The Zen of Ten and has the perfect t-shirt for it.

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Thanks for the link - gotcha on my blogroll now. Nice job here!

Dangerous Logic indeed!

Thanks, I'll be dropping in.

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