If He'd Gotten Any Closer, The Automated Defenses Would Have Taken Him Out

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I have told you before - if you attack a cop with your car, expect to get your ass shot:

(Angola-May 24) -- An Indiana State Police trooper who was being dragged by his arm after a routine traffic stop shot a motorist Tuesday.

State police say Trooper Andy Smith pulled two vehicles over at a rural intersection in Steuben County after he apparently saw them recklessly passing other cars in excess of 90 miles an hour.

Police say the driver of the first vehicle never hesitated when Smith ordered him to turn his car off. But they say when he approached the second one, a gray pickup, Clayton Bolding, 21, began to wrestle with the officer.

Police say Smith reached into the truck to try and turn the vehicle off, but the suspect hit the gas and started dragging the officer. Smith was able to reach his revolver and fired three shots, one of them striking Bolding, who then kept right on driving through the yard and into a red barn.

This is dangerously close to the Secure Undisclosed Location (where, in fact, we will soon be doing what we normally do on Memorial Day weekend), but all my neighbors' whereabouts were accounted for.

Update: I'm going to keep following this story, as details are changing:

Inconsistencies lie in the actions of Senior Trooper Lionel “Andy” Smith and his interactions with Clayton M. Bolding, 21, of Angola, before police say Bolding dragged Smith by his pickup and Smith fired several shots at the truck.

Sgt. Rodger Popplewell, spokesman for the Fort Wayne post, said May 24 that Smith reached into the pickup through the open driver’s door to turn off the engine after Bolding refused to comply with his instructions.

But a document filed in Steuben County Superior Court on Friday states that the vehicle was turned off when Smith opened the door and ordered Bolding to exit the vehicle.

The two tussled when Smith tried to handcuff Bolding and Bolding declared that he would not go to jail, the affidavit said.

. . .

Bolding pulled away and started the truck’s engine, and at the same time, Smith placed his left foot on the brake pedal and grabbed the steering wheel with his left hand, the affidavit said.

But Bolding put the truck in drive, stomped on the accelerator and drove 10 to 15 feet with Smith hanging on, half in and half out of the car, the affidavit said. Smith reached for his service weapon, then released his grip on the steering wheel and managed to get away.

“… At which time he had his gun in hand and fired approximately four rounds toward the vehicle until the vehicle cleared Trooper Smith and he perceived that the vehicle was no longer a threat to his safety,” the affidavit said.

No mention of the initial attempt to arrest was originally made. It's still damn stupid for Bolding to drive away from a state trooper, but it appears that our two subjects have a bit of a history already:

Of the nine times Bolding has received traffic citations in the past several years, Smith pulled him over twice, according to Steuben County court records. In May 2003, Bolding was found guilty of speeding, and in January 2003, Bolding was convicted of unnecessary use of a horn.

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how hard is it to do what the police say? remeber, there were two guys in the police cruiser while rodney king was having his ass handed to him.

i totally agree

hi i just happen to stumble across this - you know the whole violent act wether right or wrong is awful .... i have lil kids that are afraid to get in the car because if we dont do what we are supposed to ( seat belts, speeding, etc) we will be shot did anyone think to inform the kids that things like that wont happen ? we live in a quiet town ...im a lifer... maybe they both did wrong but theres no need for that much trauma ...as it had said they knew where he lived so let him go - go bust him at home - i also know people do things in a sec and and sometimes they would do anything to take that moment back i feel bad that evryone has to live with this drama and trauma in their lives ....so is it ok that if we are all scared for our life shoot ?

1. I've updated the story because details are changing.

2. I stand by my original point - if you don't want to get shot, don't run from the cops; specifically, don't try to drag a cop with your vehicle. I'm pretty sure that is covered under the definition of 'assault with a deadly weapon' and justifies the use of lethal force on the trooper's part.

3. If you're scared for your life because of what somebody's doing to you, then yes, I think you can shoot.

i didnt write that last part?
i am a personal friend of clay had it out for him hahahah ya for awhile - stopped him for painting his truck brown ?
having fuzzy dice from his rear view?
im a firm beliver that other actions could havehappend like your page i dont know why you changed the last part of my words though?


I didn't change any of your words. I added a comment of my own after your first comment, but it should be pretty clear to any reader where your words end and mine resume.

I have read what both of you say about Clay and the anxious cop.. I feel the entire thing was out of control.. therefore the cop should have called for back up and maybe he wouldn't have felt like drawing his gun.. to me it was bad judgement on both parts. When you are hired as a "peace officer" there are rules about shooting your gun.
It seems to me that the blame goes both ways.
Clay should not have been speeding and the cop should not have taken out his gun and shot three times.. This county we live in is know for harassment, if you are young and running about you are going to get stopped by our local PEACE officers.. If you have a prior, you can expect to get more.. I tell my son to stay the hell out of Angola. I think Andy Smith was wrong in what he did and I think he should pay for it..lets see
getting a ticket for honking your horn.. that is really serious isn't it!!!!
This goes on and on..
When I was a young teenager living in Angola and got caught at a beer party, the cops would take you home to talk to dad... now you go straight to jail,go to court,pay fines, get a record..
Respect goes both ways.. I have witnessed the cocky ways cops talk to young people, as well as the way the kids talk back...
No I say if you run from a cop in this town why should you get shot??? just wait and go to their house with a warrant..
Violence breeds Violence.. Cause and Effect
wait and see...

hi i think this is an awsome page - as i do know clay personally - when he went to the barn he was KNOCKED OUT he was shot in the head any person knows that the body automatically shuts down and it goes to repair its self -
also let me make my self clear on one thing ok speeding is wrong - yes - i am sick this happend where it did - my father was killed there 36 years ago by a DRUNK DRIVER -now the dangerous logic is we live in a cruel world and things arent just fair - i know - and why is the the story changing?
wrong is wrong - did anyone think about the cross fire? my god -
did anyone think this would turn a town upside down ? my kids were sick i was sick and right out side our quiet lil town is a sign posred and it says " VIOLENCE IS THE LAST REFUGE OF THE INCOMPENTENT "
does anyone get that ? man - THERE are good cops and bad cops there are good and bad in all thats ying-yang thats cause and effect -
i feel that bullett could have been saved for a child molster - someone that deserved it
i know it effects the cop i know if he could take it back he would - i hope
ya know there really is to much violence
makes me sick !!!!
btw i like this page of yours

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