Did Somebody Get The Number Of That Thought?

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A couple of thoughts arrived in my head simultaneously from different directions this morning:

  1. If you zap a guy wearing a bomb belt with a Taser, will the bomb go off?
  2. Why was Anakin's nickname 'Anny' and not 'Ana?'
The resulting collision nearly knocked me off the elliptical machine.

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Doesn't it really depend on what kind of bomb it is? So I'm gonna say no cause the bomb you were imagining is probably made out of jell-o or hamsters.

And his nickname was Anny because he's a pussy. Why would Jedi's have nicknames anyways? Qui-Gon wasn't the Q-Man. Obi-Wan wasn't O-Town. No wonder he turned to the Dark Side. I'd be pissed too if someone kept calling me 'Hecty' through adulthood.

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