Ratzinger, Your Delta Tau Chi Name Is 'Benedictus'


It seems that every time I declare that I'll be too busy to blog for a while, an entry just falls into my lap. While reading about the election of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, I saw this:

On Monday, Ratzinger, who was the powerful dean of the College of Cardinals, used his homily at the Mass dedicated to electing the next pope to warn the faithful . . ..
Well, of course he got elected pope - he had all the other candidates on Double Secret Probation!


Great. . . seven years of churchgoing down the drain.

I shoulda joined the Unitarians.


You one of those extremists that support the Unitarian Jihad?

As for the new pope, I was most amused by the headline at FARK : "Ratzinger officially becomes the first former cast member of "Cheers" to be elected pope. Named changed from Cliff to Benedict XVI."

Interesting - the link showed up fine when I got the email notification of your comment.

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