I Knew I Should Have Taken The Blue Pill


Today's edition of the twice-weekly meeting was really dull; to stay awake I would look out the open door whenever anyone walked by, just to get a break from the monotony. During the 40-minute meeting, I saw the same guy enter the same conference room on five different occasions - but I never saw him leave it! Finally, it occured to me - it was a glitch in the Matrix, and Agents were coming for me right that second!

Did you know that the T-Mobile operator will hang up on you if you call her and yell "I need an exit right the fuck now!"?


That's why I use Centennial.

what would you do if she gave you an address?

would you run there?

Heh. I wonder how many prank callers they've had ask for an exit. I bet some of the operators just cough up an address without blinking anymore.

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