Dogged 'Em

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The Freedom pasted the Red Hills Black Dogs, or Black Hills Red Dogs, or something (it didn't really matter since they were all just brown by the end) Saturday night, 59-34. Thoughts and pictures after the break.

Bryan White had a big day, with 7 TD passes, although he was disappointed the offense didn't score more:

“It stinks we only got 59,” he said. “We were shooting for about 70 or 80. We really did want a game like that.
Here he hits Jeremy Dutcher for a second-quarter TD, Dutcher's second of the three he'd end up with:
Jeremy Dutcher's second touchdown

The defense played OK but not great (in particular, they didn't get much pressure on the Dogs' QBs), but Scott Heighland has improved a lot over last year. Black Hills tried to exploit a height mismatch with Little, who must be about eight foot twenty, but I don't recall it working. Here's Heighland breaking up what would have been a sure TD pass to Little:
Scott Heighland breaking up a sure TD pass

Adrian Reese had a hat trick as well. Note how open he is on this one - the Dogs just lost track of him in the back of the end zone:
Adrian Reese's first TD

Reese had to work a lot harder for his second touchdown, a nifty catch and run job where he broke a tackle around midfield. Here's the payoff:
Reese's second TD

The bottom line: Freedom 59, Red Dogs 34

I wondered why Antoine Taylor hadn't dressed, but apparently he's been cut from the team. The Freedom had a couple of other starters in street clothes as well (e.g., Dayna Overton and Lamar Martin); let's hope they can come back soon.

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