Cod Roe Is Fish Eggs! Cod Roe Is Fish Eggs!

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Did Food Network air the 'Cod Roe' episode of Iron Chef last night or something? I've seen a spike of traffic based on Google searches for 'cod roe,' going to my synopsis of the episode when it aired on FN in December of 2000 (which reminds me - I need to pull those synopses into blog format).

Granted, it was only about 500 extra hits since yesterday evening, but that's a nontrivial number for us 'long-tailed' bloggers - those ranking as 'Crawly Amphibians' through 'Adorable Rodents' in the TTLB Ecosystem (and I wish I knew who to credit for that term; I just recently read it in my blogrounds and I can't find it on Google).

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