The Popemobile Cornered OK, But It Just Couldn't Keep Up In The Straightaway

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In a move that shocked the Formula One world, Pope John Paul II jumped ship from Rover to join Ferrari:

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope John Paul got a flame red Ferrari from the Italian world championship racing team on Monday . . . for having what they said was the inside track on the roads of humanity.

Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher and the rest of the Ferrari team met the Pope in the Vatican's frescoed Clementina Hall to give him the . . . car that won both the championship and constructor titles in 2004.

OK, there was some selective ellipsizing there, but this story is real:

And after [Ferrari racing team president Luca] Montezemolo's last visit, which took place in October, he revealed that Ferrari would be building a special Popemobile to mark Pope John Paul II's 26th year as pontiff.

"We will make a Ferrari Formula One car especially for the pope," Montezemolo told reporters on a visit to the Vatican City.

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