Life Imitates 24, Again


This season of 24 opened with (literally - it was in the first ten minutes of episode one) the bad guys parking a pickup truck on railroad tracks to cause a passenger train derailment which would allow them to steal the macguffin from a passenger on that train.

Today's LA commuter train derailment was apparently caused by someone parking his Jeep on the tracks:

The smash occurred when a train struck a 4x4 vehicle at a crossing, derailing and "side-swiping" an oncoming train at 6am local time (2pm GMT).
. . .
Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca said authorities were speaking to the driver of the vehicle.

"It didn't appear that the vehicle had stalled," he said. "It appears that it was deliberately placed there."
And why was that?
Reports suggested that the driver had second thoughts about a suicide bid, leaving his vehicle at the last minute.
So instead of dying himself, he's now facing nine counts of (at the very least) manslaughter, which ought to to be good for a room upgrade at the Westin Pelican Bay.



That wasn't the only thing.

As soon as they announced the big plot for this season-- terrorists taking over nuke plants-- I immediately thought back to the Michigan nuke plant leak Drudge blared about the other day.

Oh, and another similarity? Rumsfeld personally shot a bunch of terrorists on Monday night.

Didn't make the news, however.

Dave at Garfield Ridge

Okay, how stupid am I?

You made the same point in a post further down your page.

Man, I picked the wrong day to quit sniffing glue.

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