For A Sufficiently Broad Definition Of 'Man'


So Judy Law is People's Sexiest Man Alive? I always thought Law was Leanora DiCaprio's older sister.

I have got to start paying more attention to entertainment news.


Evidently his work in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow left 'em quivering.

I liked Jude Law in Cold Mountain and Sky Captain, but that doesn't mean I think he's hot. So Chris: Who do you find to be the sexiest men?  :)

I'm not terribly imaginative on this issue, so I'll let this actual conversation with flower_goddess answer your question:

f_g: "I'd push you out of bed to screw Brad Pitt."
me: "Not if I could push you out of bed first."
f_g: "You mean so you could screw Jennifer Aniston?"
me: "Or her, sure."

And I'm not even gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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