The First Interstellar Time Bank Of Karma


As I was waiting in line at the store behind somebody who didn't think to start looking for her checkbook until her total was announced, it occurred to me that a truly just God would account for this kind of thing at each person's Final Reckoning. Since God knows when we're all going to die, He could simply account for time wasted by others to our detriment, add that to our nominal recall date, and adjust accordingly. Conversely, anyone who was a net drain on the time of others would get called home early.

Of course, since any discussion of the nature of Heaven is by necessity speculative, it is possible that He does this already.


I've often thought the same thing, Chris. I mean, fer Crissakes, who uses checks any more? This is the 21st Century, folks. At least use a frickin' check card, fer cryin' out loud!

No kidding. I haven't written a point-of-purchase check in probably five years.

With the new rules for check clearing that will be in effect in the near future, people who write checks to be able to "float" the purchase (i.e. knowing that it will take a couple of days to clear, do they have time to make a deposit) are going to be in for a shock. No more float times on written checks, since electronic images of the checks will be used instead of snail mailing them back to your bank.

There is almost no good reason to write a check anymore, except to pay bills by mail.

My mortgage company already does that. They spin it as a convienience to the customer.

And I used to be the MASTER of floating. I knew exactly how many days the mail took to get each bill to its payee and how many days it would take each payee to process the check.

Of course, I still bounced a handful of checks. But still.

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