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A simple request - if I'm on your blogroll, and you're not already a member of the TTLB Ecosystem, go check it out and sign up if you're so inclined (yes, this is a shameless attempt to recover from the humiliation of being demoted from 'Slithering Reptile' to 'Flappy Bird'; also, half my blogroll is blogs whose names I saw just randomly surfing the Ecosystem and thinking 'that's a cool name for a blog. I'll go look at it,' then deciding to keep going back. Like this guy's blog).

Likewise for They'll manage your blogroll, automatically move recently-updated sites to the top, and allow you to add a new blog to your roll in one click (three clicks if you have the Google toolbar installed and pop-up blocking on). All for free.

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I'm not quite sure I understood. I did go to TTLB, and I submitted a new blog that surely gets less attention than you do. Have I given you the assistance you requested? If not, please be yet more specific and I'll try again.

I also added you to my blogroll. I could create a bunch of new blogs and add you to their blogrolls too, but I'm not quite ready to go that extra mile yet. Carry on!
- The Precision Blogger

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