Random Vocabulary Thoughts


A lot of people say 'left-leaning' when they really mean 'left-staggering.'

A lot of people say 'mainstream media' when they really mean 'legacy media' (in much the same way that an accounting package written in COBOL thirty years ago is a 'legacy program').


Belief in the truth and honor of George W. Bush is a mental disease. This disease begins in the brain grows there until it is impossible for the victim to make rational judgments. The only cure for this disease is removal of the person's head from the hole which it is occupying in the ground. The removal process is very difficult and could lead to permanent shame -- this is why the victim usually leaves their head in the ground, where it rots away leaving an unsightly stump. The good news is these stumps will be helpful in stem cell research when John Kerry is elected President of the United States.

The patient presented with symptoms indicative of end-stage Bush Derangement Syndrome: baseless accusations, projection, and denial of reality.
Prognosis unknown until November 3, although President Bush's probable re-election will most likely serve as a terminal event for this patient.

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