In This Case, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is The Landing Light Of A Go-Team Plane


My wife, after viewing a particularly distasteful campaign commercial, remarked 'Thank God this will all be over in ten days.'

Unfortunately, with both sides having SWAT teams ready to jet at a moment's notice to anywhere there's a perceived irregularity (and if there isn't one, the Dems at least have shown no reluctance to make one up), that November 2 will be just the beginning.


I don't think it will be close enough for that. Will be entertaining seeing the DKos crowd screaming voter fraud again with no evidence. Can't wait ;)

Totally agree with yr comments about Most Original blog. I didn't even understand why they put Lileks in there, snooze. And yeah, a lot of very big bloggers are just link-savants. But what can u expect from the Post? It's like asking the Grammys to judge the best indie bands, the 2 spheres don't intersect much.

They screamed bloody murder in 2000 without any evidence, and they've had four years to refine their technique. I think it's going to be worse than last time unless it's an absolute stomping (like 7%+ margins in all the toss-up states).

Full disclosure: except for the leftist fever swamps where any Bush victory is ipso facto evidence of a stolen election, this one seems to have gone off pretty uneventfully, so I was way off base on my prediction. Thank God.

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