But 'Adulterer, Adulterer, Pants On Fire' Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It


Not much more to add here but to say that sometimes people are really really dumb:

PINE BLUFF, Ark. -- A man who set his wife's pants on fire because he believed she was having an affair accidentally torched his mobile home and has been charged with arson, police said.

Officers said Leroy Brown, 19, perceiving that his wife had been with another man, set fire to the pair of pants he thought she was wearing at the time of the affair.

The burning pants started to singe Brown's fingers so he dropped the pants and the mobile home caught fire . . ..


Well, there you have it! He lives in a mobile home. No further explanation necessary.

Damn Goddess, you beat me to it

..the baddest man in the whole damn town.

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