Sucker Bait?


Michigan is a 13.5 point favorite against fND - in South Bend!

I know Vegas generally sets lines in order to get a roughly equal amount of play on both sides (they make their money on the vig rather than having more bettor money on the wrong side of the result), but this one looks so out of whack to me that I wonder if it's a sucker bet and the books know something we don't (if so, this line indicates that fND is much worse, and U-M much better, than both looked last week). I'm skeptical, though - strange things happen in Domersville, and fND is the beneficiary far more often than not.

Anyway, Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski is always good for a laugh or three, but he's got a real zinger this time:

Now, we see two very uncomfortable head coaches. Lloyd Carr has to pretend Notre Dame is still mighty, and act as if U-M’s 38-0 victory last year never happened. Willingham, on the other hand, has to pretend Notre Dame is still mighty, and act as if U-M’s 38-0 victory last year never happened.

Actually, the Irish have developed quite a chip about the Wolverines. During the summer, players did push-ups in repetitions of 38, to remind them of the score. No word on whether they added another 45 push-ups (points scored by Southern Cal), then 37 (Florida State), then 38 (Syracuse), then 0 (nonexistent bowl game).

And in a break from tradition, ESPN Classic is showing a Michigan game where they actually won - U-M @ fND, 1986.


Ouch, ouch, ouch. What *happened* to Michigan?

Short answer: strange things happen in Domerville.

Long answer: I didn't watch it real closely (what with my party and all), but it looked like the lack of a running game put too much pressure on Henne to win it himself. A tough job for a true freshman.
That, and fND capitalized on all of U-M's mistakes, while the reverse was not true...

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