Good Thing He Wasn't On Trial For Public Indecency

| 5 Comments has the best stories, because even though they're an Orlando TV station and this story happened in Pennsylvania (what, Florida isn't weird enough for them?), they have today's winner in the What Not To Do In Court contest:

UNIONTOWN, Pa. -- Something smelled rotten when Michael Hanczyk showed up in court to fight a drunken driving charge. Authorities say it was the booze on his breath.

A judge stopped a hearing Tuesday and ordered the 42-year-old Hanczyk to take a field sobriety test after he and others said they smelled alcohol on Hanczyk's breath.

"Everyone smelled him," said district attorney Nancy Vernon.

A breath test indicated that Hanczyk had a blood alcohol content of 0.296 percent, more than three times the state's legal limit, Vernon said.


0.296? That's not a little tipsy, that's barely standing-sluryourspeech-fight the pavement drunk.

Not that I would know or anything. I'm just sayin', is all....

he's had more than a couple.

did he drive to the hearing?

Yep Chris, that was didn't take for some reason.

Not sure if I should be so thrilled that I was recognized for falling down drunk. Hey whaddaya gonna do..

It's not like I have more than three or four regular readers, and since you were the one who said the Nashville pavement got the better of you, I put two and two together...

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