Warning to SmartFilter Users


Short version: if you're reading my blog from work, and your employer uses Secure Computing's SmartFilter as a web proxy, don't read my blog from work anymore until I give the all-clear.

Full version: the problem isn't my blog itself (it's work-safe). The problem is that I use blogrolling.com to manage my blogroll, and it builds my blogroll dynamically every time somebody loads the page by making a call to rpc.blogrolling.com. As of yesterday, SmartFilter thinks that rpc.blogrolling.com is a sex site, and blocks access to it. So even though you can't see it on my page (the blogroll just shows up blank), rest assured you're generating a 'this person tried to go to a sex site' message in the SmartFilter log that your IT folks (and maybe your Legal department, and maybe HR, and maybe your Ethics person if you have one) can see. Interestingly, blogrolling.com itself is categorized 'personal,' and most clients of SmartFilter won't block that. I've submitted a request to re-classify blogrolling.com as personal as well, and I'm going to email the BlogRolling folks to give them a heads-up.

This exact same thing happened a month ago, and it took about two weeks to unscrew everything.


I like the carnival pic.

Thanks. Three Rivers Festival midway, a week ago Saturday.

I haven't figured out how to Photoshop the glare out of the middle yet.

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