Tour De Lance


By now, of course, you know that Lance Armstrong has won his sixth consecutive Tour de France. What I found interesting is French TV coverage of the awards ceremony (it airs on OLN with OLN commentary, but the video is from French TV): while they were playing the national anthem and hoisting the Stars and Stripes, they showed the flag for a total of about six seconds - three seconds of the unfurled-flag going up the pole, and a three second closeup - I guess you could call it an art shot - of the center of the striped section.

What's the matter, Pierre? A little sensitive about seeing Old Glory flying over the Champs-Elysees again? And again? And again and again and again and again?


you know they are. but what choice do they have? hell, theycan't even win a bike race, unless of course, they yell retreat! at the start instead of go!

Maybe a Frenchman could win if they rode the race in reverse (of course, they'd have to figure out how to add a reverse gear to the bike).

...gosh, won't they be upset next year when the race is dubbed:
Oh well, build a bridge and get over it I say!!!

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