So What's This? I Don't Care - I'm Eating It!


So my 'hood took its show on the road last weekend with a grilling party at Deej's. Fifty people, twelve grills, three smokers, and the collective menu included everything from grilled cabbage to grilled duck. Yard darts, frisbees, and weapons-grade fireworks were in use, and there was even a live band (OK, the band was actually playing the party on the other side of the lake, but we could hear it perfectly well so we're counting it). Yes, we have pictures. No, you can't see them until the Dangerous Logic legal department reviews them.

Does anybody know what the statute of limitations is on accidental arson?


Damn man - that sounds like my kind of party. When I torched my neighbor's backyard last year, the ATF guy was a real prick. However, I found the nice FBI man to be very friendly, if not a bit inquisitive ;)

I'm gonna have to attend one of these shindigs, sounds like a hoot.

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