SmartFilter Still Dain-Bramaged


Well, Secure Computing updated the SmartFilter lists yesterday, and is still listed as sex/porn, so this blog is still NSFW.


One question -- If I am following your advice and not reading your blog (obviously not true), how is reporting the status on your blog going to help us know when it is safe?

"Men, to avoid the lure of the Siren's song, you will all have your ears plugged completely. I will brave the Siren, while securely tied to the mast."
...Later, that same day...
"Men, we are past the Siren. You may now unplug your ears. Prepare to come about hard to port. Men? Hey guys? We really need to turn RIGHT NOW!"

Okay, two questions -- why not post somewhere else (hint, hint) for a while?

...And an almost fanatical devotion to the pope -- damn. I'll come in again.

NOBODY EXPECTS THE -- oh bugger.

Glib answer: you pays your money and you takes your chance.

Real answer: I actually have a couple of devoted readers who read from both home and work.

Your second question has a lot of merit...

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