Production By The Same Crew That Predicted Florida 2000 For Gore


At this moment (8:30 PM Central), I am watching the team time trial stage of the Tour de France - tape delayed, since the stage was actually raced this morning. During the break that just aired, OLN gave away the results of this stage in their commercial for tomorrow's coverage!

Because of this, and because I hate hate hate having tape-delayed coverage spoiled, I will go to some lengths to avoid watching commercials on OLN for the rest of the Tour. I wonder what their advertisers think of that?


Here, I'll ruin the entire thing for you:

Lance Armstrong wins.

I'm over here in France watching it in real-time. Yikes!! I forgot about the tape delays... I'll be sure to delay posting anything on the Tour until I know it's been broadcast in the US.


Jack: OLN broadcasts each stage live in the morning (0730ish start, Central Time), then a condensed 2 1/2 hour version of the same stage at night, so you should be clear after about 0330 or so.

Grimblefig: I guess TIVOing the morning broadcast would be the way to go, except that my poor-man's-TIVO (video capture card with CATV-in) has already eaten my entire hard drive and I don't have room for even one stage anymore!

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