I Personally Would Have Riffed Off Of 'Upper Class Twit Of The Year'

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American Digest has a superb interpretation of JF'inK's Veepstakes, applying one of my all-time favorite Monty Python sketches, How Not To Be Seen:

Voice Over: In this picture we cannot see MR. AL SHARPTON of Hustlerville on the Hudson. Mr. Sharpton is a professional buffoon with a haircut that is suspected of being an alien life form. Mr. Sharpton has never been elected but often indicted. He too wants to be President of the United States or at least collect a lot of money for pretending. Mr. Sharpton will you stand up please?

To the right of the area Mr. Sharpton stands up. A gunshot rings out, and Mr. Sharpton leaps into the air, and falls to the ground and begins to prattle on various talk shows.

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I'd actually like to see JFinK in Michael Palin's role in the fish-slapping dance.

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