On Second Thought, Never Mind


I was all set to post a detailed entry on just how cool Oak Island was and how envious you all must be since I just spent two weeks there and you didn't. Then I read Steve's (of The Sporting Life) description of his recent trip to Alaska:

I almost didn't write about my trip to Alaska because, well, it's tough to keep vacation stories from putting people to sleep or sounding as if there's one underlying theme: "I went to this cool place and you didn't. And, even if you've been there before, I assure you it wasn't as good as my experience."
Boy, am I glad I read that first.

Anyway, I think I'll settle for short vignettes like this one: SmokeEater and I were sitting on the deck, just watching the ocean and enjoying adult beverages (it's amazing how much time you can spend just doing that). After a while, a woman came along, walking her little rat-dog along the water's edge.

SmokeEater says: "Well, she's using live bait, but I don't think she's working deep enough."


I used to live in Alaska. One year I read in the paper that a tourist in Haines Junction let her small dog out of the RV to run around. The bald eagle sitting on the light pole, seeing lunch running around in the parking lot, helped himself to a dog lunch.

We wondered whether the pelicans or gulls would make off with a rat-dog if we stuck a fish under its collar...

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