Today's Sign Of The Apocalypse


One of the ad sections in Sunday's paper pitched a Black & Decker motorized jar opener.

Are you freaking kidding me? Have we grown so soft that we now require motorized assistance to open jars?!?

OK, OK, I suppose it's a good thing for the elderly, or people with one arm, but still...

(Yes, school's done. You can expect more insight-free posts from me in the very near future...)


I had an all-out fight with a jar of spaghetti sauce yesterday. But in true Republican fashion, I decided to go to the gym more often instead of buying something that would only allow my puny girlmuscles to grow weaker.



My personal weapon in the Jar Wars is a ribbed rubber (oh, stop it!) disc that I slap on top of the jar. I've been undefeated since I started using it.

Thank God that you are back. I was starting to lose my center.

my mom (who has bad arthritis) uses a rubber strap wrench that she was brainwashed into buying from QVC... a little effort and it works like a champ. If only she hadn't bought two for everyone last Christmas... oh well, at least she doesn't have any alien implants that need removing...

Thanks, Bill. And superb work on documenting the moonbat migration.

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