They're Buying 'Em Faster Than We Can Drink 'Em


Project Beeramid continues on schedule:
Project Beeramid: Milestone 1


What! No Guiness?

Naaah, not this time. Meijer was running a special on Bud/Bud Light - $5 for a 12-pack of bottles. We're stocking up for flower_goddess's b-day party.

If I could get Guinness at that price, I'd have to take the next month off work.

You know, if you arrange them just right, you could get an eye-in-the-pyramid (beeramid, sorry) effect, and with the correct arcane proportions, open up a mystic portal to the Beer plane (which I think is somehow related to the SubG0enius Luck plane). But you'd have to drink a LOT more to get that.


[smacks self in forehead] Of COURSE! WHY didn't I see that?

It's too late now. The sale is over and we've already drunk the top three layers of the beeramid.

Buy more beer.

Yeah, funny thing about trying to stockpile sale-priced beer in my neighborhood: it tends to disappear faster than you expect.

I think trying to buy more beer now would be self-defeating.

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