The Big Secret Revealed


Well, the gag order has been lifed. It was announced Wednesday that AFATDS was named as one of the U.S. Government's Top Five software projects by Crosstalk magazine:

SALT LAKE CITY—Five Defense Department software projects, ranging from a tactical-data fire support system to a computer-generated training system, were honored today at the Systems and Software Technology Conference.

The winners, chosen at the conference each year by CrossTalk magazine, include the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System; the Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support System; the H1E System Configuration Set; the One Semi-Automated Forces Objective System; and the Patriot Excalibur program.

They were among dozens of nominations received by a panel of judges.

AFATDS is a joint, automated command and control system used in Operation Iraqi Freedom to determine targets and to pair the targets with various weapons systems, including attack helicopters, cannon artillery, mortars and missiles. AFATDS was developed by Raytheon Co.


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