Life Imitates Monty Python

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Another quick hitter: saw this story via Drudge about robotic traffic cones that can deploy themselves to block traffic lanes:

Herds of robotic traffic cones could soon be swarming onto a highway, closing down lanes and slowing the traffic.

The new road markers have been developed by Shane Farritor, a roboticist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in a bid to help reduce the $100 billion per year that the Department of Transportation estimates is lost to the US economy through accidents and delays caused by highway lane closures.

The self-propelled markers take the form of robotic three-wheeled bases for the brightly coloured barrels that are set out to demarcate road repair zones. Farritor says they can open and close traffic lanes faster and more safely than humans.
I read that and immediately thought of the Python bit where ...
[Voice Over] And on the road too, vicious gangs of keep left signs.

Film: two keep-left signs attack a vicar.
Illustrated thusly:
Two keep-left signs attack a vicar

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