If I Have To Put Up With This, They'd Better Win The Cup


Well, after a couple of interesting (and more than a little worrisome) games, the Wings took care of business and defanged the Predators. They have to wait a bit to see if they're playing Colorado or Calgary in the next round (at press time, Calgary and Vancouver were tied at 4 at the end of regulation of game 6).

On the other hand, if I have to watch that stupid commercial for the playoffs with Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi one more time, I'm gonna go looking for somebody 'with a stick and a scowl.' And if you don't understand what that means, be thankful you haven't seen the commercial yet.


Yes, one time is one time too many for that commercial! Canuckleheads pulled it out in the third OT last night (I love OT in the playoffs, there are no scheduled TV timeouts, so the periods fly by pretty quickly). Guess we'll find out monday who the Wings play....

Yeah, I don't really care who. On the one hand, it'd be tough to get by both Colorado and SJ (I don't see Vancouver as having a chance against the Sharks). OTOH, Kiprusoff is the kind of goalie that Detroit can make look like a HOF'er.

Just watched Chara tie it for Ottawa against Toronto. I knew he was a big guy, but DAMN! He's freakin' gi-normous!

Senators did a PIDOOMA. My money's still on Toronto.

Actually, if Ottawa would pick up Kwan, they'd have a better chance. I hear she's got a mean triple-lutz hip check.

Classic Marty LaPointe tonight (BOS-MON). 3:30 left, Boston needs to score, Marty boards a guy, killing any chance that Boston had. $5 mill for that, eh? :-) My money is on Ottawa tomorrow night.

And to think I was disappointed when the Wings let him go...

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