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Every time I hear that civilian contractors are attacked in Iraq (like yesterday), I worry a little bit, because we've got people over there supporting AFATDS. They're pretty safe, relatively speaking, since they work directly with the troops over there and don't go anywhere off post without a military escort. Still, this excerpt from an email sent by one of our field engineers shows that life is fraught with risks; life in Baghdad doubly so:

Do you know Sergei [names changed to protect whoever needs protecting] the FE that supports 10th Mountain. He was up in Baghdad when all of those rocket attacks were occurring a couple of weeks ago. One night the attacks occurred he was blown out of his cot from the concussion of the blast when the rocket impacted. The side of his tent was shredded. He sent home a piece a shrapnel as a souvenier. Two nights later he was in a building that had all of the windows blown out from a rocket attack. The window openings had been sandbagged so nobody inside the building was injured from the blast. Injuries from the first attack were minimal. Sergei said the unit start calling him "Rocket Man".

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