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...Indiana gets left behind. Once again, the rest of the country moved forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time; once again, Indiana didn't. I've bitched about this before, and everything I said then still holds, but now there's another twist (actually, they did this last year, too, but I didn't write about it then). Our local broadcast stations have all decided to use Eastern Time for their network programming. Allegedly, this is to avoid confusion and keep them from having to run "Remember, this show airs one hour later starting next week" crawls for the week leading up to the time change.

I think this is colossally stupid of our local stations. Now, instead of having to remember just whether or not our TV is on Central Time (summer) or Eastern Time (winter), I have to remember whether the program I want to watch is on a cable station (their feed time didn't change, so they're on Central Time), a local station pre-recorded program (Eastern Time), or - and here's the twist that'll give brainlock to the average Hoosier couch potato - a local station live broadcast (Central Time)!

All this because the stupid Farm Bureau has the Legislature in their pockets.


Actually, isn't there a movement forming at the Federal level to do away with DST all together?

Of course, not ALL of Indiana is left behind wrt DST. In the Northwest (near Chicago) and in the Southwest (near Evansville) there are small areas that do change with DST.

I personally wouldn't have a problem with doing away with DST altogether. Any scheme where I don't have to explain to out-of-staters that our time differential depends on the time of year is OK with me.

And the NW and SW counties observing DST makes it even worse - I can't even count on all of Indiana being consistent with itself!

Of course, it could be argued that in Evansville, they're actually ten *years* behind the rest of Indiana.

And I'm not just saying that because you're from there.

There are two certain advantages though: Those with east and west network feeds via dish can watch network programs three times in one day during the summer. I don't have to go around the house adjusting every damned clock that seems to be in every damned appliance that I own! I think I have like seven clocks in the family room alone, which actually makes for a nice blue/green haze at night, that is bright enough that you won't bust a toe walking around there when all the lights are off. - Go Wings!! (Now at 6:30!)

Screwing with the time is the only thing arizona does right. We don't mess with the clocks for DST.

Yep, and that's one of the few time differentials I don't have to think too hard about - I know you're always two hours behind us!

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