Checking Out Of The Net


Impending paper + impending class presentation + impending final = low probability of blogging until about May 4 (and just when I was starting to get a bit of traffic, too--dammit!).


Darn! As part of the new traffic, keep posting at RTG and I'll come back here. :)

Chris, I understand where you are completely. It seems like I'll get on a roll with writing to my weblog and about the time I think I'm getting back regular my time gets taken completely away from me.

One thing I've learned, though, is that people who enjoy your writing will know when you come back and they will be back too.

Waaaaaaaaaaa! Wait 'till you have a j-o-b, ya slacker!

That's the problem. I have a full-time job ( ), and I'm taking night classes towards my MS ( ).

Damn. I've been "served." You can just phone in blogging when you are busy, though. Post links to funny little dancing babies and stuff. It's easy, and it's the new opiate of the masses. :-)

I actually will have a no-research item (alluded to here: ) in the next day or two...

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