Just Because He's Wheelchair-Bound Doesn't Mean He Doesn't Deserve To Die


The IDF bagged a big fish this morning: Hamas founder and spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin:

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and leaders of Islamic militant group Hamas declared three days of mourning on Monday for the group's founder and spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, who was assassinated at dawn by Israeli missiles as he was leaving a mosque near his home in Gaza City.

The 67-year-old paraplegic was killed when Israeli Apache helicopters fired three missiles at him as he was headed toward his car in his wheelchair following morning prayers.
In true Palestinian Blood Ritual fashion, bystanders had to go get a piece.
Leaders, members and supporters of Hamas rushed to the hospital to view Yassin's body, chanting slogans calling for revenge against Israel, and thousands of people poured into the streets as they heard the news. "We strongly condemn this assassination of an old quadriplegic man," Palestinian Authority chief negotiator Saeb Erekat told reporters at the hospital. "Israel is dragging the whole region again to a wave of violence."
Note the promotion of Yassin from paraplegic to quadraplegic (that's OK; he could still pray in an acceptable fashion - at least right up to the point where the missile upset his applecart). And I'm getting sick of this whole "It's all Israel's fault!" meme. Splodeydopes blow up school buses and cafes, killing pretty much only civilians; Israel retaliates by killing the people who plan and finance that, and this makes the 'wave of violence' Israel's fault?!?

Naturally, they vow revenge:

"The reaction to assassinating the Sheikh will turn all Palestine (including Israel) to an angry volcano and into a piece of hell that will burn the land under the feet of the Zionists!" Islma'eel Haneya, a Hamas leader close to Yassin, told reporters at Shiffa Hospital.

"Yassin is a martyr and he is in paradise now," Haneya said. He said that reaction "to this awful crime would never be expected, and Israel would severely regret assassinating (Yassin) and other Palestinian leaders and fighters."
So let me get this straight. Yassin is in paradise, thanks to the Israelis, so now Hamas wants to punish them? I would think they'd be happy the IDF liberated him from the festering shithole that is Gaza!
Izel Dein Al Qassam, the armed wing of the militant Islamic Hamas movement, said in a leaflet that its response to the assassination of Yassin would be "like an earthquake that will shake all the state of Israel."

. . .

Last week two suicide bombers killed 10 Israelis in Ashdod, and [Israeli Defense Minister Shaul] Mofaz told the Israeli cabinet that seven more suicide bombings had been thwarted since the beginning of March.
So we have nine attempts in three weeks, two successful. Let's see if the splodeydopes can put their money where their mouth is.


Again, the actions of this man and his cohorts do not reflect the feelings and beliefs of 99.99% of Muslims, especially if he was involved in terorrism.

Neither would, I am sure, most Americans like me condone any act of civilian targetted terrorism by Israel. Right?

Terorrism is Terrorism, regardless of the perpetrator.

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