They don't Need Hackey Sacks; They Have Plenty Left Over From When The Baathists Were In Charge

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Remember the 1976 Saturday Night Live sketch called "Fondue Sets For Namibia," where Garrett Morris played an African leader who implored Americans to donate their fondue sets? Well, we've got something not too different in front of us now.

I was never terribly worried about whether we'd win the war in Iraq (although what the Administration refers to as the 'end of major combat operations' came sooner and easier than even I thought); it was winning the peace I was really concerned with. You've all read the stories, and even if it's going better than the media would have us believe, every little bit helps. The 1st Marine Division is re-deploying to Iraq soon, and they're better at the 'hearts and minds' stuff than the Army is. Since they know that first impressions are vital, they don't want to arrive empty handed. And you can help.

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