The Real Championship Game

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I just want to get this on the record before kickoff: Michigan 38, USC 35. Some things I think will be key:

  • I think USC will put eight in the box and dare Navarre to beat them.
  • I think Michigan will respond to this by using the pass to set up the run. Part of the reason they didn't rush well in the Iowa and Oregon games is that they abandoned the run for the pass early. Later in the season, it became clear that the run was available late even when they were throwing a lot.
  • If USC is basing their opinion of Michigan's defense on the Oregon game film, they're in for a very rude surprise. That was the D's worst game (even worse than Iowa, IMO).
  • I saw several quotes from USC players saying they thought Michigan's line was big and slow, thinking it would be much like Iowa's line last year, which USC dominated. The problem with this line of thinking is that Iowa's line zone blocks, while Michigan's is far more physical and athletic.
  • I've also seen quotes from Marlin Jackson (I'll try to find them later) that make me think he will figure prominently in coverage against Mike Williams. I hope so - LeSueur is too inconsistent to hold him for the whole game.

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