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From BadJocks comes the story of former major league centerfielder Otis Nixon's bad night:

"Former Atlanta Braves center fielder Otis Nixon was arrested Thursday after allegedly threatening his bodyguard with a knife at a Norcross hotel, police said.

According to police, Nixon, 45, drew the knife during a scuffle with Keven Brown at the Town Place Suites on Bay Circle."
Why does Otis Nixon need a bodyguard? Dude's been out of baseball for like, five years now - he still has to protect himself from autograph seekers? He ever had to protect himself from autograph seekers?
"Brown, 37, told police that Nixon called him and asked the bodyguard to pick up one of Nixon's female friends and bring her to the hotel. While he was on his way to the woman's home, Nixon called Brown again and told him to return to the hotel."
OK, booty call pickup - no problem so far. Girl changed her mind - no problem there, either.
"Brown said he went into the hotel room and noticed that Nixon was naked and yelling into his cellphone. Brown said he asked Nixon to put some clothes on, but Nixon ignored him. Nixon became upset when Brown asked him to repay some money that was owed him, Brown told police."
So what's the bodyguard thinking now? Maybe something like Hmm, my boss is naked and pissed off - now would be a great time to hit him up for the twenty he borrowed from me last Sunday at Taco Bell!
"Still naked, Nixon grabbed a kitchen knife and chased Brown out of the room, according to a police report. During the scuffle, Nixon also threatened him with another blade, a black-handled folding knife, Brown told police.

Nixon was also heard yelling: "I will cut your heart out," according to the police report. Brown was not harmed during the incident."
OK, maybe I'll ask him tomorrow instead.
"Nixon told police that Brown was the aggressor in the fight. Nixon said he was naked because he was waiting for his female friend to arrive."
Now we have an answer to my first question - Nixon needed a bodyguard to protect himself from . . . his bodyguard!
"Nixon played with the Atlanta Braves from 1991 to 1993. He helped the Braves get to the postseason in 1991 by stealing 72 bases. That same year he was suspended for cocaine use."
And I imagine that pretty much explains everything else.

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