A New Injectable Form Of Cocaine?

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I remember an old Richard Pryor standup routine where he talked about dipping his penis in cocaine to increase staying power during sex. I had always assumed it was a joke and he never actually did it. Well, even if he didn't, it sure looks like he inspired somebody, according to this story in Army Times (the main page lists this article as 'subscribers only' but I was able to get to it OK):

Drug case defendant pleads - sex
Captain says cocaine was secret love ingredient

By Nicole Gaudiano
Special to the Times

When Air Force Capt. Jacqueline Chester tested positive for having cocaine in her system, her lawyer says, she had no idea how that was possible. Had her prescription painkillers skewed the results?

It wasn’t the painkillers. It was her ex-husband, her lawyer says.

"Her husband will testify that he used cocaine on the tip of his penis as a means to prolong his sexual pleasure," Charles Gittins said. "He used it topically on his penis more than once."

Gittins will present Chester’s unusual defense in a scheduled February court-martial at Dover Air Force Base, Del. He argues that the charge against Chester — wrongful use of a controlled substance — requires that the accused must have knowingly ingested the drug. Unknowing ingestion or exposure is a "complete defense," he said.

Chester, 46, a nurse at Dover’s medical center, took a drug test in January 2002 and the results showed a trace level of cocaine, though not enough for a positive result. A month later, she did register positive and the Air Force began pursuing a drug charge against her.

. . .

"The husband is prepared to testify that he never disclosed to his wife - that he was using cocaine," he said. "His statement about using cocaine is corroborated by his medical records and his employment records."

Kenneth Gagnon, technical manager of forensic chemistry at the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory, said the defense has some merit: Cocaine "can be absorbed through vaginal lining."

. . .

She could face a maximum penalty of five years confinement, a dishonorable discharge and forfeiture of all pay and allowances if convicted.

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