Imagine If She'd Stiffed Her


A woman dissatisfied with the Christmas present her ex-stepmother gave her tried to kill her with a Molotov cocktail:

"Brandi Nicole Nason, 20, and her boyfriend, Marshal Abram Penna, 24, of Citrus Heights, allegedly tossed a lighted bottle of gasoline through the glass front door of Nason's former stepmother's home about 9 p.m. on Christmas Day, said Hermosa Beach Police Sgt. Paul Wolcott.

'A bottle comes flying through her door and immediately lights up her living room,' Wolcott said. 'She was barely able to escape with her life.'

Wolcott said Nason was upset because she thought her former stepmother's Christmas present was inadequate."
OK, this is just so completely stupid I can't even be civil about it. Brandi, you are a complete imbecile. You and your shit-for-brains boyfriend are so utterly stupid that your continued combined existence is an insult to regular stupid people everywhere. If brains exerted air pressure, the vacuums between your ears would make your heads implode! Your combined IQ can't possibly hit triple digits; frankly, I'm surprised that you knew how to make a molotov cocktail and amazed that you managed to light and throw it without becoming a Darwin Award nominee. The fact that you continue to breathe my air makes me physically ill. I fervently hope that you are also too stupid to know how to reproduce, but I fear that you are merely too stupid to understand contraception. The only thing I see here which matches your idiocy is your greed. You tried to kill your ex-stepmother because you didn't like her gift?!? She's your ex-stepmother! She didn't owe you jack shit!

One last thing, and I'm sure this will surprise you as much as it did me:

"Drug paraphernalia was found during a search of Nason's car, police said."


Chris, and anyone who has a bullshit comment about Brandi Nason. Brandi and I were mentally and phisically abused by Lisa Nason (ex-stepmother) for over ten years, in no attempt to justify my sisters actions I ask you keep you comments to yourself. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And for your information Paul Wolcott LIED about many aspects o fthe case including the motive for the assault and if you ask me he is the evil culprit for attempting to smear the Nason family in the media. You Sir are the imbecile for even posting such a comment. God will judge you for your actions it so I will spare you a verbal assault.

Who do I think I am? Just a guy who comments on stuff he sees on the net, in real life, or on TV. All I have to go on is the (in this case) news story in front of me, which of course had a different interpretation of events than you do.

Now let me get this straight. Because I'm not clairvoyant, because I couldn't mystically divine that Sgt. Wolcott allegedly 'lied about many aspects of the case,' because I couldn't look through a newspaper article into Brandi's mind and see ten years of alleged abuse, then I'm an imbecile? I didn't realize that 'imbecile' means 'not psychic.' And to think I've been using it incorrectly all these years!

You say that Sgt. Wolcott lied about the motive. OK, I'll bite. What was her motive (and why would Wolcott lie about it)? And if your answer is 'ten years of abuse,' then I'll be curious to hear how that works/worked as a defense at her trial (I'm not trying to make fun of you here, really. The 'burning bed' defense is a viable, though not guaranteed, one). I'll also be curious to hear what her boyfriend's excuse is, since I'm guessing that Lisa Nason didn't abuse him for ten years.

If it turns out that the facts are different than the original L.A. Times story attests (court records, newspaper retraction, whatever), then I'll be happy to issue a correction. Hell, I'll even do it on the main page. But I'm not changing diddly just on your say-so.

Finally, thank you for your concern about my relationship with God. It's none of your business, so you can stop now.

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