What's Next? Fraternizing With The French?

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I could handle it when Michael Jackson went from 'regular looking black guy' to 'china doll with a busted nose'. All the other weird stuff - they hyperbaric chamber, the Elephant Man, Bubbles, and the (alleged, never charged) sexual misconduct - weird, but not more than one standard deviation from 'normal' as the entertainment world defines it. But now he's gone too far: he's shilling for Scientology:

"A lot of big name stars are unwittingly about to start raising money for Scientology, thanks to Michael Jackson.

At 3 p.m. PST Monday, Jackson is launching a worldwide Internet download of his charity single, “What More Can I Give?” For $2 a shot, Jackson fans will be able to hear this record, made two years ago but never released . . ..

But what fans — and the two dozen participating artists — probably don’t know is that proceeds from the single download are going, in part, to Scientology. Jackson has designated The HELP Organization, which uses study techniques developed by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, as one of the beneficiaries of his largesse."

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