Today's Democratic Marching Orders

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Apparently the decisive recall vote was as much a referendum on George Bush as it was on Gray Davis. Howard Dean:

"Today's recall election in California was not about Gray Davis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. This recall was about the frustration so many people are feeling about the way things are going. . . . Tonight the voters in California directed their frustration with the country's direction on their incumbent governor. Come next November, that anger might be directed at a different incumbent . . . in the White House."
DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe:
"People are worried about their jobs, their health insurance, and they are taking it out on Gray Davis. And they will take it out on George Bush, too."
Maxine Waters also said something similar on CNN about 7AM CT, but I didn't get the exact quote.

Sorry, we ain't buyin' it.

Of course, if Davis had survived the recall, the spin would have been "This was a successful referendum on the way Democrats are running California, and this will surely impact George Bush in 2004."

Cruz Bustamente: Sucks To Be You. You'll be even more irrelevant than a normal Lieutenant Governor.

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