The Next Big Thing... Real Soon Now... Yep... Late Next Quarter...

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Last night's class (ACS 562) case discussion was on Jamcracker, a kind of 'ASP cafeteria' that is intended to turn the Next Big Thing (ASPs) into the Next Next Big Thing. The idea seems plausible - most ASPs solve only one business problem or at most a few problems, and if you can be the single point of contact sharing data between multiple ASPs from different vendors, you add significant value to the whole proposition. Based on their growth rate in an emerging market in the 2000-2001 time frame, I'd expect their name to be all over the industry press now, but I don't remember hearing about it anywhere - indeed, the Company's I Love Me page doesn't list anything after August 2002 (although I'd guess they're not doing too badly - as of August 2003, they were still hiring). What happened to Jamcracker? Discuss.

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