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Danish biker gangs? Car bombings in suburban Copenhagen? That's just messed up. The Independent has the story of how a biker got done in by his rivals, or maybe his buddies:

"Mickey Borgfjord Larsen, the victim, formerly a member of the notorious Bandidos motorcycle gang, was killed after a bomb was slipped under his car and exploded in the car park of the hospital about nine miles west of the capital, in the suburb of Glostrup."
It was feared this marked a restart of a biker gang war:
"For three years, a murderous war raged between the Hells Angels and Bandidos motorcycle gangs, leaving up to 12 dead. In a region not known for violent criminality the gangs used car bombs, anti-tank grenades and drive-by shootings to settle scores. At the peak of the biker war, one of the gangs fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a dance being held by a breakaway gang in central Copenhagen. In 1997, the two groups signed a truce, ending the so-called 'biker war' in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland."
But there's also thinking that the perps were from his own gang, in a 'the only way you leave this organization is in a coffin' kind of thing:
'We quickly knew it was related to the biker world so we decided not to evacuate the whole hospital,' Mr [Copenhagen Chief Constable Joergen]Bro told a news conference. 'We knew that the bomb was targeting him.' Larsen had been in 'bad standing' with the Bandidos for leaving the group in 2001, he added. 'That means that he is hunted game for people in biker circles. He was very unpopular and had many enemies.'"

And if that wasn't bad enough, somebody blew up the Little Mermaid!

"Although yesterday's car bomb came as a jolt to the country, it follows another explosion last week, which blasted the country's national icon, the Little Mermaid, off her foundations into Copenhagen harbour. For 90 years, the statue has looked out at the Baltic Sea from atop a rock. Copenhagen police have made some arrests during their investigation into the blast. The damage to the country's top tourist attraction is estimated at £12,000. Police investigating yesterday's killing are questioning insiders with knowledge of the biker gangs."
Upon further research, I shouldn't really be surprised. If the Little Mermaid statue is Denmark's national symbol, screwing around with it seems to be the national sport!

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