Which Founding Father Is Where?


Does anybody know what happened to the "Which Founding Father Are You?" quiz? It used to be hosted on IO.com but (as you'll see if you try the link) not anymore. Anyway, I took it a while ago, and it told me I was Alexander Hamilton (and that link's dead, too). At any rate, after reading this, I've decided I'm really Andrew Jackson (who, technically, wasn't a Founding Father, but never mind):

"No one has a right to tell the self-reliant Jacksonian what to say, do or think. Any infringement on equality will be met with defiance and resistance. Male or female, the Jacksonian is, and insists on remaining, independent of church, state, social hierarchy, political parties and labor unions."
"Suspicious of untrammeled federal power (Waco), skeptical about the prospects for domestic and foreign do-gooding (welfare at home, foreign aid abroad), opposed to federal taxes but obstinately fond of federal programs seen as primarily helping the middle class (Social Security and Medicare, mortgage interest subsidies), . . .."
Actually, I'm not terribly fond of any of those, but I recognize that tax money could be (and is!) spent in much worse ways. Also:
". . . both Jeffersonians and Jacksonians are civil libertarians, passionately attached to the Constitution and especially to the Bill of Rights, and deeply concerned to preserve the liberties of ordinary Americans. But while the Jeffersonians are most profoundly devoted to the First Amendment, protecting the freedom of speech and prohibiting a federal establishment of religion, Jacksonians see the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, as the citadel of liberty. Jeffersonians join the American Civil Liberties Union; Jacksonians join the National Rifle Association."
I'm kind of on the fence here as I feel both are equally important; however, I don't know many Jeffersonians who believe--as I do--that without the Second Amendment, the First is powerless. Also:
"The criminal who commits what, in the Jacksonian code, constitute unforgivable sins (cold-blooded murder, rape, the murder or sexual abuse of a child, murder or attempted murder of a peace officer) can justly be killed by the victims’ families, colleagues or by society at large—with or without the formalities of law. In many parts of the United States, juries will not convict police on almost any charge, nor will they condemn revenge killers in particularly outrageous cases. The right of the citizen to defend family and property with deadly force is a sacred one as well, a legacy from colonial and frontier times."
On the darker side:
"Every administration will be corrupt; every Congress and legislature will be, to some extent, the plaything of lobbyists. Career politicians are inherently untrustworthy; if it spends its life buzzing around the outhouse, it’s probably a fly. Jacksonians see corruption as human nature and, within certain ill-defined boundaries of reason and moderation, an inevitable by-product of government. "
We're getting close to the bottom line here:
"Jacksonians believe that international life is and will remain both anarchic and violent. The United States must be vigilant and strongly armed. Our diplomacy must be cunning, forceful and no more scrupulous than anybody else’s. At times, we must fight pre-emptive wars. There is absolutely nothing wrong with subverting foreign governments or assassinating foreign leaders whose bad intentions are clear. . ..

Jacksonians believe that there is an honor code in international life—as there was in clan warfare in the borderlands of England—and those who live by the code will be treated under it. But those who violate the code—who commit terrorist acts in peacetime, for example—forfeit its protection and deserve no consideration."


I don't know if it's the quiz you're looking for, but there is one based on the same question currently on quizilla. http://quizilla.com/users/polelene/quizzes/Which%20Founding%20Father%20are%20You?

Thanks for the link, but that must be a different quiz--Alexander Hamilton wasn't even an option. BTW, I'm John Adams according to that quiz.

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