Son Of 'Head-Scratching Ads'

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Not long ago, I noted a few, um, interesting ads in my local free-ad paper. Well, the hits just keep on coming:

"Fast abs, slightly used, exc cond $25"
They must really have been fast abs if you're selling them 'slightly used!'
"3-n-1 Commode, guardian brand, adjustable height $40"
Hmm. I know what 'number 1' is, and I know what 'number 2' is, but what in the hell is 'number 3?'
"Strapless wht wedding dress (sz 8), never worn, veil & underskirt incl $400"
"Wedding gown, never worn, sz 12, long sleeves, lots of beading and long train $175 obo"
These always make me sad. I can easily picture a had-it-up-to-here woman saying "That's it! You get your {lying|cheating|drunk|whoring|gambling} ass out of here right now, and don't come back!


"Blind Minister needs gd. used Church Bus, cheap or free"
I looked for the companion ad, something like "Blind Minister needs gd. Church Bus driver", but to no avail. I sure hope he finds a driver.

Oh, yeah. The 'typing tape' ad is back, of course. I'm thinking of calling the guy up and offering him $1 to just shit-can the thing and stop running the ad.

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