Small Victories

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Well, what do you know! The TSA's No-Fly List finally bagged somebody other than David Nelson! From the Seattle Times (via Shark Blog):

"Two Pakistani men are being held in Seattle after an airline employee at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport found one of their names on a terrorism-related no-fly list Saturday night.

One of the men, 36, carrying a British Columbia driver's license, paid cash for a one-way ticket to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport. After the airline employee called 911, the man left the counter, abandoning his ticket.

The other man, 29, who had a New York driver's license, also paid cash for a one-way ticket to Kennedy Airport on a different airline, police reports show.

Port police detained both men, then turned them over to the FBI."

On the other hand, these guys don't look like Al-Qaida first stringers:

"'Of course, you wonder about these guys,' [Brian Jenkins, a terrorism expert and senior adviser to the Rand Corp. in Santa Monica] said. 'They're not particularly clever, coming to the airport to buy one-way tickets and to pay cash.'"

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